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How to choose qualified full-color LED display

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At present, in this competitive market environment, although the visual effect of full-color LED display is getting better and better, the quality is getting worse and worse. In order to seek greater profits, some illegal businesses are constantly improving and replacing raw materials and accessories, resulting in shortened service life and increased failure rate. Here small make up to share with friends how to avoid LED screen quality problems, hope to make the majority of customers buy at ease, with the rest assured. Full-color display screen is divided into indoor and outdoor according to the different use environment. For the full color screen between the LED light distance determines the screen pixel, this classification feature is more, and there is no standard scale industry.

1, the most critical material LED chip lamp bead (need to know the product used in the wick brand, common high-end Taiwan crystal, conventional domestic xiamen SAN 'an and so on, packaging manufacturers choice is also crucial, the best choice is relatively famous packaging manufacturers, common high-end star, CLP, etc.).

2, the display of the brain drive IC it is also a crucial accessory, equivalent to the human brain, without it, no matter how good LED is not bright, can not display the picture normally, high-end Taiwan accumulation, conventional domestic rich full of electronics, set chuang north and so on.

3, the power supply to the display screen, the pros and weaknesses of the power supply will directly affect the life of the module, it is best not to look cheap, poor quality power supply is easy to burn out, or output voltage instability, voltage is not pure, interference, or even cause fire, it is recommended to buy a famous brand power supply or market users more than a power supply as the first choice

Details are the key, service, after-sales service, brand, some gave you a LED screen less than a year a variety of problems, so the size of the company is not the key, the key is which company pays attention to details. And after-sales service.