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LED display frame is how to achieve?

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LED display frame rate is what concept? First of all, we need to understand the temporal characteristics of human vision. One of the characteristics of human vision is that the resolution of observation motion is limited, and a series of discrete independent pictures may look like continuous under the effect of visual residue. First came film and then television, which took advantage of this feature, a series of still images (frames) that did not change much from one frame to the next.

Therefore, there are two requirements for generating visual reality: first, the reproduction speed of the image must be fast enough to ensure that the motion transition between frames is smooth; Second, the playback speed must also be fast enough to allow visual residues to override the flicker generated during the refresh switch. The LED display is driven by the current flowing through it. Simply put, without considering the design of the system side, the refresh frequency is determined by the addressing time and the current flowing through the LED. Refresh frequency calculation formula is: horizontal synchronous scanning line X frame frequency = refresh frequency, general flat display set refresh rate of more than 75, or it will feel a little "flash", simply said is the number of times the display screen is repeated display LED screen;

Definition of frame changing frequency of LED display: besides the support of the system, the improvement of frame changing frequency of LED display requires faster addressing time, and the addressing time and transmission frequency (DCLK) have a strong positive correlation with the addressing number.

Frame number: refers to the number of frames used to display continuous images within 1 second, i.e., how many pictures are used to display this second picture. The higher the frame number is, the smoother it will feel. Simply put, it is the number of LED screen information updates per unit time. When a certain number of frames is reached, the smooth feeling of the screen will be very comfortable.