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Energy-saving LED transparent screen is quietly going viral

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No matter what size, no matter where you are, LED display can provide the best visual experience at all viewing angles. LED display design can not only think out of the box, but also provide the best matching scheme according to the architectural shape. Small spacing, transparent screen, skyscreen continued last year's hot, this year there are two types of application performance bright. In today's era of increasing awareness of environmental protection, many industries have begun to develop new products for environmental protection and energy saving, and energy-saving LED display is in this context came into being.

In recent years, LED enterprises have successively invested in the attack camp of energy-saving screen, taking the line of differentiation, creating their own unique competitive advantages in the seriously homogenous LED display industry, in order to break through the siege in the white-hot market competition. Compared with DLP splicing, LCD splicing, engineering projection and other common large-screen display technologies, LED displays have advantages in power consumption under the premise of the same size. Moreover, given its long life and long-term use, LED display is more energy efficient. Therefore, the application prospect of LED display in large-screen display industry is very encouraging.

The LED display itself USES light-emitting materials that are energy efficient. However, considering that the LED display is used in a large display area, although it has some advantages in power consumption compared with the traditional large display screen, the overall power consumption is still large if it is used for a long time. The energy saving screen greatly improves the control of power consumption. In addition to saving energy by increasing the conversion rate of LED driving power, the screen brightness can be automatically adjusted according to the strength of ambient light through the self-regulation function, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

In addition, LED display industry product homogenization phenomenon is serious, the product "gold content" is low, many small LED enterprises struggle in the survival of the edge. In addition to the pursuit of differentiation, looking for new profit growth point, the voice of energy conservation and environmental protection is increasingly rising, but also to a certain extent to promote the hot growth of the energy-saving screen market. Although many enterprises are actively engaged in the field of energy-saving screen and have made some progress in the research and development of energy-saving screen, the development of the market of energy-saving screen is relatively slow, and the joint efforts of the whole LED display industry are needed to achieve large-scale popularization. Therefore, with the continuous improvement of environmental protection concept and technology, energy-saving LED display products will also get better and better response in the market.