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LED display creative display development and future prospects analysis

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LED display industry has been developing for nearly 40 years. From the early single-color, to later full color; From the beginning of the outdoor plug, to the table stick (SMD) packaging "popular", and in recent years, COB packaging; LED display technology, or technology, have made great progress. In this process, LED display point spacing is getting smaller and smaller, LED display also from some engineering high-end application market, gradually to the mass market of commercial display.

The industry is in desperate need of more innovative "display art" that can attract eyeballs. In recent years, the industry has also produced many cases with sensational effect. LED display in the city landmark, large commercial complex, large sports events, performance stage and other places of very creative performance, left a deep impression on the world, has always been talked about. Today, the leading brand of creative display, witm optronics, will discuss the development and future prospect of LED display creative display from three aspects of technology, market and enterprise.


In the past, limited by technology, the early LED display only had a single display information, image function. However, with the progress of technology, especially the progress of process manufacturing, and the development of LED display control system, LED display has made great breakthroughs in both appearance and content. Nowadays, in terms of technology, new technologies such as 3D display and VR(virtual reality) are being introduced into the application of LED display, which greatly enriches or changes the initial manifestation of LED display. LED display is also from the beginning of a single passive acceptance, become more and more humane, and even can achieve the basic "human-computer interaction" mode, these intelligent development technology, will bring more display space between the creation.

Creative LED display not only requires core LED display technology, but also rich artistic modeling, structural mechanics technology and experience, from scheme design, product design, to installation and after-sales professionals. In the future, creative LED display will be applied to various application places, such as urban light carving, environmental art, architectural appearance, interior decoration and so on. LED creative display is one of the important ways to highlight the culture and individuality of the city in the future.


Compared with LCD and DLP, LED display is widely loved by consumers and favored by the market precisely because of its high brightness, pollution-free, seamless splicing, no area impact and other inherent advantages. In the fierce market competition, LED screen with a variety of breakthrough conventional "creative display" shine. With the development of technology, the price of conventional LED display products is gradually falling, the competition between industries is extremely fierce, and price wars frequently occur, resulting in the constant squeezing of corporate profits. Such changes have brought a huge impact on the conventional LED display market with low entry barriers. On the other hand, after so many years of development of LED display industry, the serious overcapacity of some middle and low-end products also leads to the further deterioration of the market competition environment. In the cruel market competition, the enterprise is treading on thin ice. It is the intensification of market competition that prompts many LED display manufacturers to make efforts on product differentiation.

From the perspective of consumers and the general public, the traditional LED display screen is square or rectangular, and the display way has brought serious aesthetic fatigue to people. In this highly information-based and digital era, people are often not very interested in ordinary things, and LED screens, especially large outdoor screens, often shoulder the heavy responsibility of information dissemination. Therefore, in order to attract the public's attention to the greatest extent, a variety of creative displays emerge at the right moment. More designers in the decoration industry also begin to integrate creative displays into their design concepts, which will enable LED displays to gain wider and more high-end market applications.


Admittedly, enterprises engaged in creative display of LED display, must have a certain degree of creativity and research and development strength. From the perspective of practical application, creative display is often closely related to the construction of buildings, environment and urban beautification. The most important feature of creative display is its "creative" expression. The creative value goes far beyond the display product itself, which has virtually become a threshold of the industry.

In daily life, LED display screen is often affected and restricted by architectural structure during the installation process. Faced with complex engineering projects, conventional LED displays are often at a loss what to do. At this time, it is necessary to discuss and work out feasible solutions according to the structure of buildings and the needs of customers. From this point of view, creative display, sometimes just LED display installation process of a "flexible".

However, because of this feature of creative display, creative display is more demanding in terms of raw materials, technology and system content than conventional display. Obviously, sometimes the creative display is not just any LED display can do, this needs to have a strong financial and creative strength as a backing. In addition, the development of creative display, in addition to the technical bottleneck was broken, the system structure engineering with the cooperation of many, the most fundamental point, but also creative display can bring the enterprise a lot of profit, as well as a very good brand advertising effect. In the Internet is so developed, information dissemination is very fast today, a creative, very shocking case, for the enterprise's brand promotion, obviously has an immeasurable role. Because of this, many enterprises are willing to invest huge human, financial and material resources to develop in the field of creative display.


Compared with traditional conventional display screen, creative display is still a very "niche" market, but with the improvement of relevant national industrial policies, domestic digital creative industry is embracing a broad market space. It is known that the digital creative industry is a strategic emerging industry that takes cultural creativity and design services as the core, relies on digital technology to create, produce, disseminate and serve, meets the needs of people's modern life, and leads new supply and consumption. In the 13th five-year plan for the development of China's strategic emerging industries, the state council clearly stated that by 2020, the added value of China's strategic emerging industries will account for 15% of China's GDP, up from 8% in 2015. The digital creative industry will become one of the five new pillar industries with an output value of 10 trillion yuan. Faced with such a huge market, creative display, as an important part of its communication, will also usher in faster development in the future.