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Outdoor LED display installation notes: lightning, water, heat dissipation

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Benefit from the deep learning and neural network technology breakthroughs, such as chip will define the Internet ecosystem, and artificial intelligence industry chain around a chip is particularly fierce battle, not only gathered the Intel and nvidia semiconductor manufacturers, including Google, apple, huawei and ali technology giants are joining in, at the same time, around the chip, the innovation of the enterprise also usher in explosive growth, with giant for the application is the market segment.

A new round of information technology brings the infinite possibility, increase the deployment of the Internet of things from all walks of life in order to drive the transformation and upgrading, giants have also enter their bureau, senior experts from the iot Yang Jianyong "a line of giant, both trillions of Internet of things" from the perspective giants in the industry of Internet of things, grand strategy, show the world an upcoming everything intelligence. This article picks out the a-list giants to enter the Internet of things.

In the future, there will be tens of billions of devices and hundreds of billions of devices connected to the network, which will form the Internet of everything. Iot and ai chips applicable to various smart devices will become the core, bringing a market of tens of billions of dollars to the semiconductor industry. Chip manufacturers will benefit directly and accelerate the implementation and innovation of the Internet of things.