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On the advantages and characteristics of outdoor full-color led display screen

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Outdoor full-color led display is currently the most widely used led display products in the market. Outdoor full-color led screens are widely used in commercial advertising, sports events, transportation, education and health care, stations and airports, shopping center, enterprise display and other public service places. Outdoor full-color led display has powerful functions of media display, information release and creative display light. Outdoor full-color led display has such a big use, that it has what advantages and characteristics? Think again below small make up will introduce several more prominent advantages and characteristics with you.

First, outdoor full-color led display screen brightness is high, the general brightness of 5500cd/m2, the highest brightness can reach more than 10000cd/m2, even in strong light irradiation can be clearly visible, the display effect is very good.

Second, outdoor full-color led display advertising content is rich and with the new speed, can play text, pictures and video, and through remote control technology can be real-time update display content.

Three, outdoor full-color led display area is large, the general area is dozens of square meters or even more than hundreds of square meters, several times or even dozens of times larger than the traditional electronic advertising media, and the Angle of view is large.

4. Outdoor full-color led display has good waterproof and dustproof performance, strong uv resistance, and the protection level is generally above IP65, which can well cope with all kinds of bad weather.

V. outdoor full-color led display has a long service life. Under the standard current and voltage, the service life of the general display can reach 100,000 hours. Of course, we need to take into account the environmental factors of outdoor led display. It may be less than 100,000 hours due to severe weather, but about 60,000 hours is ok.

6. Seamless splicing technology and high refresh frequency of outdoor full-color led display. Compared with LCD splicing, outdoor full-color led display has no gap, and the whole screen is relatively complete and clear compared with high refresh frequency.

Above is think small make up to give you a summary of the outdoor full-color led display several advantages and characteristics, can help you to clearly recognize the outdoor full-color led display in the future development of the status. If you have outdoor led display demand, welcome to consult Shanghai think again, we will give you the most comprehensive help.