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LED patent becomes' nuclear weapon 'in competition

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During the years of "price war" and "fighting", the major LED screen companies took advantage of bottoming product prices to seize market share, and set off waves of low prices in the industry. This kind of marketing means that continuously compressed product profit space caused the entire LED industry to be devastated, and also made all LED screen users suffering from low prices. But recently, LED display companies in the industry have embarked on a transformation away from the marketing concept of winning on price. So, according to the current industry development of the new wind mouth, LED enterprises can rely on what to win the market?

As China's economic development has entered the new normal, the driving force of economic development is increasingly dependent on innovation. In the process of economic development, the importance of intellectual property protection and innovation is gradually highlighted. In April, Ultravision Technologies of the us filed a 337 complaint alleging that 11 Chinese companies, including abyssens, aalto electronics and chuming technology, have violated their patent rights by exporting/importing/selling Modular LED Display Panels to the us, requesting the panel to issue limited exclusion and injunction orders. The 337 investigation application filed by the American enterprise has also warned the Chinese LED enterprise that the future patent will become the "nuclear weapon" of the enterprise competition. It can be predicted that in the future, the era of gaining market share will not be the main means of competition in the way of "price war" in the domestic market. Relying on innovation and development as the driving force will become the new normal of competition in the future.

In recent years, under the promotion and guidance of the development of new media, lighting enterprises begin to change their brand publicity from passive to active, and pay more and more attention to the construction of brand culture and brand promotion, which is a good thing for the market and brand. But regardless of the actual situation of the enterprise, blindly follow the footsteps of mature brands, with the weakness of the enterprise and other brands against, almost can be said to be "overreaching". At this time, accurate brand positioning, is the key to the effective implementation of emerging brands, and take root, grow. Accurate brand positioning, concentration of advantages, do a good job in brand promotion, to make emerging brands stand out in the market.

Light pollution is a new kind of environmental pollution source after waste gas, waste water, waste residue and noise pollution. Light pollution is threatening people's health. So what can we do as LED display manufacturers to reduce light pollution? First of all, we should vigorously promote the use of new energy-saving light sources, from a technical point of view to reduce the harm of pollution sources; Secondly, the LED display products are combined with the Internet to achieve intelligent control of the products, enabling them to adjust their brightness and color according to environmental requirements. Finally, professional technical construction personnel should be trained to provide customers with supporting technical support services to reduce the "light pollution" caused by the unscientific installation of products.

According to the "LED display market development research and investment prospects report" issued by qianxun consulting, no matter which level of the industry you are in, there is always not enough energy to deal with every segment of the industry. LED industry segment of the market has a lot of, have low power devices, high power LED packaging field devices, COB light source and so on, the LED application field can be divided into the IR, UV LED LED, intelligent lighting, plant lighting, automotive lighting, visible light communication and LED apparel market segments, such as the enterprise can't cover, should focus on specializing in, make enterprise features, building their own brands, thus controlling differential market.

As the saying goes, "channel is king, single product wins." When talking about the development of LED era, it is a changing era and an era of program integration. In the past, the technology and cost of the enterprise may not change much in one or two years, but in the future when the LED lighting competition is in full heat and you are fighting with me, if the scheme is optimized, the cost reduction may be far greater than the cost reduction caused by the increase in sales. At the same time, it is also an era for LED enterprises to rethink how to build product power. Every enterprise should consider forming its own product force model. Different stages and different types of products have different performance focuses, reflecting the characteristics of different types of products, so as to take the lead in the LED product war step by step.

If China is to transform itself from an industrial powerhouse into a smart one, it will need more companies to do their products well in a down-to-earth manner. In the future, the market competition will be more and more fierce, and those enterprises that can really stay will be those enterprises that have experienced a lot of wars and have their feet on the ground to make products, and only these enterprises are the hope of China's future "intelligent manufacturing".